Stocks Extend Rally On Hopes Of Budget Deal

Now, instead of picking the right stock and selling it at the right time, you have to make sure you pick a manager who can consistently beat the market after fees and those are few and far between. In fact, its pretty close to impossible. During the 1980s and 1990s bull markets, time seemed to heal all wounds. Yet the cost of those fees as they steadily compound ends up being real money, between 30% and 50% of your total return over decades. Think about that. If you manage to get a 10% return in the first year, your mutual fund fee seems like nothing.

Dividend Stocks for the Next 100 Years

Wells Fargo ( WFC ) moved fractionally lower after a mixed earnings report. The mortgage giant made 99-cents a share for the quarter, 2-cents better than estimates. Revenue, however, missed the mark 10 best stocks to buy by almost $50-million for a total of $20.48-billion. Wells says its profits are up 13% from a year ago. That’s despite a slowdown in the mortgage business due to rising interest rates.

CORRECTED-US STOCKS-Wall St up on bipartisan talks, energy shares lead

Kutay Tanir | Vetta | Getty Images Largely Cramer thinks if you hold more than 10, you won’t be as informed as you need to be to succeed. “More than ten and you will likely start skimping on the homework , and that’s incredibly dangerous,” Cramer said. By homework, Cramer means the research that’s necessary to keep yourself abreast of all the catalysts in the market that can move the stock. It involves examining earnings reports , reading news stories, and parsing through Wall Street analysis. And that’s time consuming.

But we think that’s enough to take equities forward because cash and bonds don’t look like they’re going to offer very good returns over the next year.” With a partial government shutdown in its 11th day, House Republicans were prepared to offer a new deal featuring both an increase in the debt limit and an end to the government shutdown in return for spending cuts, according a report from the AP. The AP also reported that Senate Republicans have started work on a bipartisan solution to the debt ceiling and government shutdown crises after a meeting with President Obama. Majority want to toss entire Congress: Poll ) “This has been a powerful bull market and my sense is that most investors are seeing this as a glass half full so at the very least, we’ll get a six-week extension,” said Uri Landesman, president of Platinum Partners. Among earnings, JPMorgan topped Wall Street expectations . But overall, the bank posted a quarterly loss due to legal expenses, but it expects those costs to eventually abate and normalize.

Stocks: How many is too many?

Stanley Tools has been making things like hammers, tape measures, and wrenches since 1857, DeWALT has been making power tools since 1924, and Black & Decker has been making hand and power tools since 1910. In an industry that relies on consistency and quality, these names are top notch. Operationally, Stanley’s 2009 acquisition of Black & Decker is a hit and appears to have been a great deal for both sides. In the last three years the combined company has grown revenue 34.5%, and net income is up 342%. That’s in part because of the economic recovery, but it’s also a testament to how well the two companies fit together.

Stocks close near highs amid optimism over DC debt talks; S&P ends above 1700

All S&P sectors were up except consumer staples, which was only slightly down. Energy stocks led the S&P 500, up 1.1 percent after the Environmental Protection Agency proposed lowering the required amount of ethanol to be blended into U.S. gasoline after Thursday’s market close on Thursday. Among individual stocks, Tesoro Logistics LP shares were down 1.6 percent at $54.77 after regulators said initial investigations following a 20,600-barrel leak on Tesoro Logistics’ pipeline in North Dakota point to corrosion on the 20-year-old pipeline.


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