Charter Communications Becomes #4 Most Shorted Nasdaq 100 Component, Replacing Garmin


The days to cover at 10/31/2013 was 11.27 for CHTR, and 10.85 for GRMN; this compares to the average across all Nasdaq 100 components of 4.12 (down from the average back on the 10/15/2013 settlement date of 4.33). The chart below shows the movement over time of the days to cover values of both CHTR and GRMN, versus the average Nasdaq 100 component. Below is a chart showing the relative positions of CHTR versus GRMN over time within the 100 Nasdaq 100 components, with #1 representing the component with the highest days to cover value (most heavily shorted) and #100 representing the component with the lowest days to cover value (least heavily shorted): A stock with a high days to cover value compared to its peers would be considered to have a higher level of short interest as compared to those peers. This could mean short sellers are using the stock to hedge a long bet elsewhere, or could also mean that short sellers believe the price of the stock will decline.

NYSE and Nasdaq Plan to Back Up One Another’s Data Streams

U.S. exchanges issued a joint statement November 12, saying they had reached a broad agreement on ways they can work together to make markets more stable. The statement, however, was short on details. Several other ideas for strengthening market infrastructure are under consideration.

Merged US airlines to land on Nasdaq

1 Ask Matt: Should I invest in the Nasdaq 100? Matt Krantz, USA TODAY 5:59 p.m. EST November 11, 2013 Investing The Nasdaq 100 hold the 100 most valuable non-financial stocks on the Nasdaq The Nasdaq 100 has performed relatively well this year Long-term investors are better served with other investments SHARE 4 CONNECT 9 TWEET 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE USA TODAY markets reporter Matt Krantz answers a different reader question every weekday. To submit a question, e-mail Matt at Q: Should I invest in the Nasdaq 100?

Ask Matt: Should I invest in the Nasdaq 100?


Upon closing of the merger and AMRs emergence from Chapter 11, the combined company will be renamed American Airlines Group Inc and will use the ticker symbol AAL, the companies said in a joint statement. US Airways and AMR common stock will be cancelled and current investors will receive shares in the combined group under the merger terms. The companies expect to complete the merger in December. Today we moved another step closer in our preparations to launch the new American Airlines.


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