Etf Asset Report For The First Half Of 2014 – Yahoo Finance

The non-energy oriented companies enjoying partnership taxation treatment get an entry pass to the index. KKR & Co LP, Blackstone Group LP and Lazard Ltd are the top three holdings of the index, with each accounting for about 10%. The fund charges about 85 bps a year which is reasonable either from an MLP ETFs point of view or from the leveraged ETFs’ standpoint. Notably, the average expense ratio in the MLP ETF space is 80 bps while the same for leveraged space stands at 92 bps, as per ETFdb.

New Iowa law allows for additional future votes to increase Iowa corn checkoff | Fox Business

The top-and-bottom five asset generators/losers in the first half of 2014 are given below. Developed markets were the star performers in terms of asset gathering with these five ETFs seeing maximum inflows: Top Gainers in 1H14 ($, Million) Ticker VEA-Developed Markets Developed markets won investors faith the most in the first half of the year. A super easy monetary policy prevailing in most developed nations ranging from the U.S. to Japan and Europe bolstered the respective equity link markets.

Bond ETF Strategies to Shield Against Rising Rates – Yahoo Finance

Checkoff funds have been used to promote ethanol, such as sponsoring an Indy Car race. The checkoff can only be increased after farmers approve it in a referendum. The first authorization on the checkoff in 1977 set a maximum of 1 cent per bushel sold. In 2012 corn producers approved that amount, which meant state legislators had to update the law for the checkoff to go any higher. Corn promotion officials say they have no plans to increase the checkoff, which generates as much as $20 million a year.

Democrats try to break GOP lock on Cuban vote by opposing US trade embargo against Havana | Fox Business

Associated Press Stocks hit a new all-time this last week on the heels of a strong unemployment and jobs number. Now investors have to decide whether the next year or more will simply be a sustained bull market or if it … 24/7 Wall St. WASHINGTON (AP) How does the U.S. economy do it?

Leveraged ETF Launch: Non Energy MLP ETN Hits Market – ETF News And Commentary –

But Democrats, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, see an opening with newer Cuban arrivals and second-generation Cuban-Americans who favor resuming diplomatic relations. Republicans and some Democrats say the efforts are a betrayal of the Cuban-American community. Crist’s campaign will be the first statewide test of whether the trade restrictions are still a live wire for Florida politicians. The outcome could help reshape American foreign policy and Florida’s political landscape. Wall Street has emerged from the financial crisis deeply changed.


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